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Stunning Christmas Charcuterie Board Ideas Your Holiday Guests Will Love

Berry and the Boards Christmas Tree Charcuterie

A staple of Christmas decor, a wreath can make any space feel more festive. 

Christmas Charcuterie Wreath

They also specifically use a Christmas tree-shaped serving plate to enhance the shape even more.

Christmas Tree with Salami Roses

While the shape of a Christmas tree or wreath is cute, you don't need it to have a Christmas charcuterie board.

Holiday Charcuterie Board with Christmas Candy

Another creative way to make a holiday board is by using sprigs of rosemary to create Christmas tree layers. 

Layered Christmas Tree Charcuterie

We've seen plenty of charcuterie trees and wreaths, but this Santa Charcuterie Board stopped us in our tracks. 

Santa Claus Charcuterie Board

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