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MLB rumors: Mets formulate backup plan if they miss on Yoshinobu Yamamoto; Angels talk to Blake Snell

The 2023-24 Major League Baseball offseason has been in session for six weeks, and following the trade of Shohei Ohtani and the signing of Juan Soto, Japanese righty Yoshinobu Yamamoto is expected to be the next major acquisition. 

Yamamoto conferred with teams in person last week and is expected to reach a conclusion this week. The most recent rumors regarding heated stoves until then are as follows.

The Angels and reigning National League Cy Young Award recipient Blake Snell have reportedly engaged in "recent dialogue," as reported by MLB.com.

Angels have had 'recent dialogue' with Snell

The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired Shohei Ohtani for them earlier this month, and they likely have a substantial amount of cash burning a hole in their pocket. However, it is possible to argue that the Angels should rebuild before signing another high-priced contract.

The previous season, Snell, age 31, allowed 19 runs in his final 23 starts. Furthermore, he set an MLB record with 99 walks, and it is improbable that he will strand 86.7% of baserunners once more in 2020 (the average is 71.9%).

Snell is comparable to any other player in the game when he is in action, despite the red flags that accompany him. The Angels have requirements throughout the entire roster, including the rotation. It is not difficult to comprehend how Snell comes in.

MLB.com predicts that if the Mets fail to acquire Yoshinobu Yamamoto, they will distribute their remaining funds rather than sign another high-profile free agent. 

The Mets' plan without Yamamoto

This will likely require a depth outfielder, a starting pitcher (or two) other than Jordan Montgomery or Snell, and bullpen support. The Mets do not wish to become bogged down in contracts through 2025.

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