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6 Superfoods That Are Surprisingly High in Protein, Say Dietitians

The antioxidant content of eggs also contributes to its superfood status. Eggs are a versatile food, simple to prepare and delicious.


Not only are people getting protein when they eat these nuts, but they are also getting a boost of antioxidants, fiber, and phytonutrients


This high-protein superfood is not incredibly satiating, but it's high-fiber content lends itself to supporting healthy digestion. 


Salmon is a source of high-quality protein that also fuels the body with good fats and a slew of micronutrients.


Black beans are also rich in anthocyanins which can have antioxidant properties.

Black beans

Chickpeas are also considered a complete protein because they contain all essential nine amino acids our bodies need, but cannot make on their own.


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