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6 Mediterranean Diet Side Dishes in Three Steps or Less

Cabbage maintains a nice crunch when it's tossed with an easy dressing in this simple cabbage salad recipe.

Simple Cabbage Salad

This cucumber chickpea salad with feta and lemon is tangy and refreshing. 

Cucumber Chickpea Salad with Feta & Lemon

A refreshing accompaniment to a main course of meat or fish, this cucumber-yogurt salad also makes a tasty filling for pita bread. 

Cucumber-Yogurt Salad

Koginut squash is a unique squash hybrid that is smooth and silky like kabocha squash with the rich, sweet flavor of a butternut.

Roasted Koginut Squash

Kalettes, a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, cook quickly in a hot oven in this easy vegetable side dish recipe.

Roasted Kalettes

Smashing steamed carrots coated in curry powder then finishing them under the broiler lets the flavor set in and gives the carrots a light, crispy edge.

Smashed Carrots

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