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6 High-Protein Breakfast Recipes Ready in 15 Minutes

Oats get a new life in this savory dish, serving as the backbone for a satisfying combo of sausage, greens, tomatoes and herbs.

Savory Oatmeal with Tomato & Sausage

Wheat berries, a nutty-tasting whole grain with a pleasantly chewy texture, are the base of this hearty breakfast bowl recipe. 

Spinach & Fried Egg Grain Bowls

A smaller cousin of the breakfast burrito, the breakfast taco made with reduced-fat Cheddar and egg substitute is a satisfying and healthy breakfast option.

Quick Breakfast Taco

Smoked salmon and egg whites on a toasted whole-wheat English muffin is the perfect power breakfast. 

Egg & Salmon Sandwich

For a Mediterranean-inspired breakfast, serve up fried or poached eggs on top of sautéed artichokes and toast.

Artichoke & Egg Tartine

This fun, breakfast-friendly twist on a banana split swaps in yogurt for ice cream.

Chocolate-Raspberry Breakfast Banana Split

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