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6 Foods that Fight Belly Fat

Almonds are rich in Omega-9's, which are essential fatty acids. These fatty acids help regulate your blood sugar levels, which is key when it comes to avoiding snacking between meals. 


Boasting high levels of potassium, calcium and lutein and zeaxanthin, these succulent berries will fend off belly fat while protecting your eyes from macular generation.


White fish is a great source of lean protein because it's low in calories. Try to eat white fish at least twice a week. With the various types out there it should be a breeze!


Spice makes you slim by temporarily revving your metabolism, and using chilies in cooking is a perfect way to reap the fat-burning benefits.


Beans optimize nutrient metabolism. They also contain satiating fiber and many soluble vitamins.


Grapefruit is almost a hybrid mix of a pommelo and an orange, characterized by its bitter substances. 


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