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6 Easy Three-Step Grain Bowls for Lunch

Jackfruit, a tropical fruit with a dense, chewy texture, is a blank canvas that takes on flavors well. 

Jackfruit Barbacoa Burrito Bowls

With healthy ingredients like instant brown rice, salmon and veggies, you'll have a flavorful meal in just 25 minutes.

Salmon Rice Bowl

This black bean and quinoa bowl has many of the usual hallmarks of a taco salad, minus the fried bowl. 

Black Bean-Quinoa Bowl

Get all the delicious flavors of sushi without the time-consuming rolling with this quick grain bowl recipe. 

Salmon Sushi Grain Bowl

These shrimp, pesto and quinoa bowls are delicious, healthy, pretty and take less than 30 minutes to prep.

Charred Shrimp, Pesto & Quinoa Bowls

Skip takeout and whip up these equally delicious and easy-to-make burrito bowls at home. 

Meal-Prep Chili-Lime Chicken Bowls

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