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6 Easy Snack Recipes for the Mediterranean Diet

These savory spiced nuts are perfect for snacking, adding to a cheese board or serving as a mini appetizer.

Rosemary-Garlic Pecans

Try this with portable mix with any combination of dried fruits and nuts.

Homemade Trail Mix

A touch of sweetness from the dates and raisins paired with crunch and nuttiness from the pistachios make these bites perfect for an on-the-go snack or as an accompaniment on a cheese board.

Savory Date & Pistachio Bites

In this Mediterranean-inspired snack, dried figs and honey top plain yogurt. Substitute fresh figs if you can find them.

Fig & Honey Yogurt

Skip the bag of microwaved popcorn and satisfy a snack craving by making your own flavored popcorn.

Lime & Parmesan Popcorn

Easy to make at home, these nut-free granola bars can be adjusted to your taste preferences.

Apricot-Sunflower Granola Bars

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