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6 Best Mediterranean Diet Recipes for Weight Loss

If you're into food prepping, this is an amazing meal that you can organize most of the ingredients in advance and take to lunch during the week.

Grilled Chicken and Avocado Salad Recipe

Cooking your dinner in a packet will save you so much time. Plus, this recipe is delicious and weight loss-friendly! 

No-Mess Sea Bass Packet Recipe

This easy roast salmon recipe features both, and it will only cost you 440 calories for a well-rounded, nutrient-packed meal.

Roast Salmon With Lentils Recipe

Kale is a star when it comes to being a healthy food for your MedDiet weight loss plan.

Rotisserie Chicken, Kale, and White Bean Salad

Like lentils, chickpeas are another member of the legume family that can aid in your weight loss efforts.

Grilled Salmon with Chermoula Chickpeas

Prepare it as a side dish to a lean protein, or eat it solo for lunch. Once you make it, you'll be hooked!

Roasted Autumn Harvest Salad

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