Murray Hill's Most Acclaimed Pan-Asian Cuisine

Murray Hill's Most Acclaimed Pan-Asian Cuisine

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Fresh ~ Delicious ~ Healthy


 Enjoy mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. Experience fresh and delicious Chinese food for lunch or dinner – all made to order from 

Hot Plate Asian Cuisine.

Lunch & Dinner


  Our Pan-Asian Cuisine serving  a wide selection of northern Szechuan to southern Cantonese and traditional style BBQ meats, which indulge your taste buds to all the classic dishes from every region of China.  

Beer & Wine


Beers & Wine That Are Amazing with Asian Food.  Southern Tier IPA: This hoppy, floral beer is terrific with smoky, meaty dishes like these Chinese-style dishes. 

Eat In? Dine Out?

Come visit us Murray Scholls Town Center or call to place your to-go order. 

Hot Plate Asian Cuisine

14845 SW Murray Scholls Dr, Ste 102, Beaverton, OR 97007-9713



Monday - Friday: 11:30am - 9pm

Saturday: 3pm - 9pm

Sunday: Closed